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The Ultimate Guide To Dreadlock Extensions-- Embrace Your Unique Style
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The Ultimate Guide To Dreadlock Extensions-- Embrace Your Unique Style

What is a dreadlock extension?

human hair dreadlock extensions

Dreadlock extension originally referred to a way of braiding hair, a protective hairstyle, where the Afro kinky bulk (the same hair texture as African hair) is braided closely with your natural hair to get a fashionable look. This hairstyle can also protect the natural hair and reduce friction with the outside world, maintain moisture, and reduce the frequency and time of washing and care. The braiding hair can last for two months maximum.
To reasonably save hair braiding time and try more colors, it was produced as a hair extension product. Now dreadlock extensions are very popular and welcomed by people all over the world, they have become a representative of fashion culture.

Different types of dreadlock extensions

Classified by material, there are four types of dreadlock extensions.

Human Hair Dreadlocks


black dreadlock for women


▪ 100% Human Hair, these extensions are used to lengthen existing dreads.
▪ Look exactly like the real dreads and are a little softer and more flexible than synthetic ones.
▪ Real hair look, more breathable and comfortable.
▪ Last for more than half a year and can be used over and over again.

Crocheted Synthetic Dreadlocks

▪ Look like real hair dreadlocks, and they're the premium synthetic option.
▪ Can be braided into your hair and used to permanently lengthen existing dreadlocks.
▪ Requires less maintenance and lasts a long time.

Semi-Crocheted Dreadlock Extensions
▪ Made by crocheting the outer layer and wrapping around the bundle of unlocked hair.
▪ Can be Braid into your hair.
▪ Requires good care.

Wool Dreadlocks

▪ Made of wool, soft and flexible.
▪ More expensive than other dreadlocks
▪ Can be braided into undreaded hair or used to extend the length of existing dreads.
▪ Ask for no maintenance and can be used repeatedly.

The Pros and Cons of Human Hair Dreadlock Extensions

Pros of dreadlock hair extensions:
Real hair looks for you. Dreadlock hair extensions on QVR have the same hair texture as your hair and match your hair perfectly.
Getting the length of your hair, without waiting for it to grow, saves your time to a great extent.
Instant gratification. You can get to choose your style and enjoy the hairstyle as quickly as possible.
Dreadlocks extensions work with any hairstyle. Whether you have curly, straight, or wavy hair, dreadlocks match you well.

Cons of dreadlocks:
Dreadlocks extensions take you time to install.
Dreadlocks might fall out from your hair.

How Many Human Hair Dreadlock Extensions Do I Need?

It depends on your hair volume, the density of your hair, and the diameter of the dreadlock itself.
Afro kinky human hair dreadlocks with medium or thick extensions – 40–60 extensions.
Straight hair with medium or thick extensions – 40-50 dreadlock extensions.

How Long Will My Dreadlock Extensions Last?

Depending on your hair texture and installation method, your braided hair extensions can last for months, or years or even be permanent.
With the crochet method to install your dreadlocks, Afro kinky bulk human hair is permanent and can be used repeatedly.
If you use synthetic hair, dreadlock hair lasts between one and two years with good care.
Human hair dreadlock extensions with natural luster will last for more than six months.

“Can I Remove My Dreadlock Extensions?”

Yes, of course, you can remove them.
Considering the complicate installation steps, we recommend the beginners to ask stylists for help.

“Can I Wash My Dreadlock Extensions?”

Regarding dreadlock extensions that have been attached using the crochet method, washing your extensions will actually make them tighter. It’s advised to wash your dreadlocks less than once a month, or tight loc extensions will bother you.

Embrace the beauty of dreadlock extensions

One reason that makes dreadlocks popular in the world is they show who you are. There is no doubt that compared to normal human hair wigs with general hair texture, too many styles can be created by dreadlock hair.
Basically, different braiding hair prepared for installation show different looks and styles, not to mention various types of human hair dreadlock extensions, such as thick dreadlocks, skinny dreadlocks, soft dreadlock extensions, and colored ones.
You are free to choose the style you would like to try, and look perfect.

Dreadlock hair extensions are convenient and friendly for beginners to apply. Start with an easy installing method, then express yourself with more styling ways. Once they are installed, leave them alone monthly without maintenance. Save your time efficiently and bring you trendy performance in the meantime.
QVR human hair dread extensions are made of high-quality Remy hair, we promise you a great wearing experience and good return service. Thousands of hair products at affordable prices for you to choose. Recommended by celebrities, QVR trendy dreadlocks help you express yourself freely.


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