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Did you ever sew your own wig? Have you ever been frustrated by any of the problems down below

The personal hand-sewing wig caps are mostly with unsatisfying sewing and bad ventilation, which would also easily cause damage.  

DIY is fun, but it takes much time and effort.

The customization charge from salon hairstylists is so expensive...

CWS can help you solve all these problems.


Time and cost: Huge Saving

Look:       Professionally Natural

Service:     Smart Customization

The best service that combines the above 3 advantages. 

You can order our exclusive CWS for body weaves now!


Service Contents: 



We are your professional stylist.

After you place the order and give us your requirements, we only need about 3 days to produce your wig. We can ship it out within 24 hours after it’s finished by our professional wig-tailor plus the time that Express Mail usually takes to get to you (eg: 3 days by DHL). Roughly 7 days comparing to this market’s average delivery in about 30 days.

Comparing with the time you’ll need to wait for your turn to go to your stylist and hundreds of dollars of stylish service cost. Our CWS is both huge time-saving and cost-saving. Definitely a great option to get your own customized wig in a smarter way.


You can buy the hair with the bundle deal special prices.  

$50 is the cost of CWS service only.





After you order our CWS, our professional wig-tailor will create the natural hair ratio for your CWS wig (which means the longer length bundles will be wefted at the nape part. The upper, the shorter). All this ensures the natural look and great comfort of your CWS wig.

But if you have any special hairstyles requirements, feel free to contact us. We will need some extra time basing on the complexity of your requirements.


Facebook: @queenvirginremy


Our professional wig-tailors will provide this tailored CWS just for you. All of our wig-tailors have been experienced and sophisticated in this business for decades. So all you need to do is to decide and we guarantee a more natural-looking and comfortable wig.

It’s important for every individual to choose the hair replacement system that works best for you. We’re here to supply a smarter way. 

Any questions regarding your CWS wig, we respond at the first place.

Why choose?

Wig cap and texture are much more essential aspects because they affect the comfort level of wigs. Our CWS provides quality wig cap and sophisticated & professional sewing, saving hundreds of bucks on salon stylists. So make sure you experience this supreme CWS which would completely change your ways of life.


    Individual Hand-sewing Cap (poor ventilation)  


  Our CWS Wig Cap   Neat & Clean  Soft & Solid

Our CWS wig cap combines the benefits of superior ventilation for cooling and comfort, plus the EXTRA professional HAIRLINE hand-knitting which creates the natural hairline. Just a choice, you can easily save more while getting more.

cws8    cws10

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