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Goal: To clean the product comprehensively and make it look brand new again!


Necessity: ★★★★★

We are proud that our costumers wear our products to work, at home and in many other occasions. After repeated use, oil, dust or other residue can gather on the product no matter how carefully you treat your product. In such cases, we recommend you wash your product to restore its natural beauty.


Frequency: ★★

For products made from human hair, you need to wash them about once a week if they are well-kept and hydrated regularly. Products made form synthetic material should be washed less often, only at the frequency of once every three to four weeks. If there are other reasons for you to wash your product besides regular care, please do so at your own discretion and keep in mind that washing too frequently can be harmful to your product.


Things you need:

  1. Your Queen Virgin Remy hair product!
  2. A Wide-tooth comb or a paddle brush (optimally one with metal bristles);
  3. A wig conditioner suitable for the type of your hair product (i.e. human or synthetic). Please read the description on bottle carefully to distinguish between the two;
  4. A basin or sink large enough to put your product in;
  5. A bottle of shampoo (a shampoo designed specifically for processed hair is recommended; a regular mild and moisturizing shampoo is also acceptable);
  6. A bottle of leave-in conditioner;
  7. (Optional) A bottle of moisture rich conditioner;
  8. Some lukewarm water;
  9. One or two clean, dry towels.

* You can easily find the tools in your local beauty supply store.


Step-by-Step Instructions:

a) Follow the instructions in the “Combing” section to detangle the product;

b) Pour some shampoo into the basin and fill the basin with enough water that you can submerge the product. You can read the descriptions on the shampoo bottle to determine how much shampoo you should use. Gently stir the mixture to generate a decent amount of foam;

c) Soak your product inside for a few minutes. Then slowly run through the product with your fingers in the same direction of the hair for a couple of minutes. Please do not wring or squeeze your product;

d) Fully rinse the product in the direction of the hair and towel dry;

e) (Optional) Apply some conditioner and wait for about 10 minutes. Please make sure not to apply any conditioner to the root of the hair. Then repeat step d);

f) Spray leave-in conditioner on the product and put it at a well-ventilated place to air dry. Please avoid placing the product under direct sunlight.

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