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Special occasions call for beautiful hairstyles after all these occasions are memorable life events in someone’s life especially if you’re a female. Months before the said event we girls already plan and look for outfits that we would wear and we also search for inspirations online for our makeup and hairstyles. And the internet has no shortage of ideas for you to consider.

 Among these life events, I really like attending weddings. Unfortunately back in high school the 2 proms that I attended wasn’t that enjoyable and being so young I was not really thinking about what I would wear and what my hair and makeup would look like, so the ending is prom photos that I wish would never see the light of day ever… hahaha! As for my high school graduation, we wore our uniforms while for my college graduation we were just asked to wear a dress that is in line with what you would wear as a Sunday’s best. 


Anyway, here’s a little secret, I love weddings! I always gush about weddings. I’ve had girlfriends who wed before and I was part of their weddings. Being a maid-of-honor and bridesmaid, like the bride, I’ve also thought about my entire look at the wedding. But I can’t imagine how quite hard it is for a bride to put together her entire wedding look. I mean, like, you’ve chosen the perfect dress and the most gorgeous wedding shoes for your big day. But out of the hundreds of hairstyles that women choose to wear down the aisle, which hairstyle will be perfect for the wedding outfit?


But when I attend weddings as a bridesmaid or as a guest, I make it a point to look nice to show that I am thankful for the privilege of being invited to a very special occasion. So I’ve always been on Pinterest and scrolling through it, I’ve found these gorgeous hairstyles that I came across. Now let me categorize them into 5 hairstyles that a bride can rock on her wedding. After all, it’s almost June and for sure there are some of you out there who are walking down the aisle pretty soon.


Attending a wedding or getting married soon? Here’s a roundup of the best hairstyles for Wedding party that I really love and that I think you would love too!


Messy Half Up-Do's

If you can't decide between wearing your hair up or down, go with a half-up, ethereal style. You can do this stunning as one of your Wedding party hairstyles, by curling your hair first and you can even add body wave hair extensions if you need a little help in the length department, tease it for added volume, and then sweep it back and secure it before adding beautiful flowers or other hair accents. It’s almost an effortless bridal hairstyle that almost kinda says “I woke up like this” when really you spent hours getting ready. It’s looking to have a messy hairstyle while still looking glam.



Curls and Waves

This type of hairstyle is constant among bridal hairstyles. For the chic, modern bride, super-loose waves always add elegance. On the other hand, tousled waves complement a dreamy seaside ceremony. I would likely choose this hairstyle as one of my dream wedding themes is a beach or bohemian wedding. It’s actually one of the simplest hairstyles a bride can wear with almost any bridal dress. Also, you can add some accessories in your hair or make a hair accent to make a statement.



besthairstylesforweddingseason9                                                    besthairstylesforweddingseason10


I love braids! This hairstyle is probably one the versatile ones out there as they can go from casual to glam depending on how you will incorporate them in your wedding hairstyle. I can see myself wearing a braided bridal hairstyle, in the future as they are effortlessly romantic and fun at the same time, with Wedding party makeup that is in trend. Braids are a bride’s best friend. Braids are especially perfect for a boho bride who wants a laid-back feel while still looking flawless. For a looser braid and for a more carefree the vibe you opt for a stunning fishtail style like the one pictured below. Or do those Dutch milkmaid braid crowns with an up-do or half up-do. If you want a more pronounce or chunkier braid you can use some Queen Remy 3 Bundles Body Wave bundles to achieve that. When you’re looking for a really classic style with just a touch of whimsy, you can’t go wrong with braids. 


besthairstylesforweddingseason13                                                                              besthairstylesforweddingseason14


Vintage or Retro

Another wedding theme that I love is a vintage style party and with to complete this theme, what you can do is to channel some old Hollywood glamour with big and bouncy curls. Vintage glam feels less forced with loose side-swept curls and a beautiful hair accessory.  Give locks a wavy twist and sport very red lips for a glamorous retro look right out of classic films. A classic will always be a classic and will still be popular many years from now. This hairstyle can also be utilized for proms and graduations you just know how to pick the perfect Wedding party dresses. Old-school glamour never goes out of fashion.


besthairstylesforweddingseason17            besthairstylesforweddingseason18


Up-Do’s and Buns

Most girls don’t like the updo’s because they fear that it will make their face big. But to be honest, it’s is the most elegant of all hairstyles. Up-do’s have been the top hairstyle picks among brides of all ages worldwide. They do complete a delicate bridal look better than any other hairstyle type. If you want to look feminine and glamorous at the same time then take a look at this classic updos. This elegant hairstyle will work perfect with medium and long hair but if don’t have an extra couple inches of hair you may consider finding these Nature Body Wave I T COLOR from Queenvirginremy online to create a nice bun. 


Many brides have wedding party hairstyles that are very elaborate and require a lot of work, and then there are those brides who choose simple, timeless, elegant hairstyles for their wedding day. It can be a bit stressful to choose which ones to do for your hair. But I guess the best way to go is for you to think which one will go with your party’s theme, which one will flatter your entire bridal outfit, your personality and which one you will be comfortable to wear.

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