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How Many Bundles Do I Need?
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How Many Bundles Do I Need?

how many bundles do I need ? I get asked this question all the time every single day,

 multiple times a day , then I will show you how many bundles you need.

That depending on what style you're doing from a closure,

so in leave oh um vixen frontal tracks everything I'll let you ,

 hopefully you guys don't need this question anymore anyways


first thing is first when you are choosing your bundles。aside from style,

 the lengths are the most important thing,so I will show you the difference between one of

 shortest lengths that we carry to one of our longest lengths  that we carry .


I  a twelve inches straight bundle this is our Peruvian straight hair.

so you can see these are the wefts up.


here and then this is our thirty inches.

take a good look at this you can see   this is smaller than this now.

You can see these are the wefts up here .

that's because :this is one of the most important phrases when choosing bundles ,the longer the hair the shorter the wefts .that means both these bundles are the same amount of hair .

So they weight the same but obviously if the hair is shorter you're going to get more hair.

so the wefts are going to be longer obviously if you have longer hair let this 30 inch you're going to have less wefts. because you're not going to get as much hair that make.


 if you're going for a shorter style you typically only need about two bundles.

 this is or if you have a leave out or if you have a closure when you're doing the style with the leave out and with a closure.they're relatively the same.

 if  you know leaving out this amount of hair or if you have a closure that's roughly four by four.

temple to Temple then it's going to be the same right.

 so my rule of thumb if you have bundles anywhere from eight inches to

 fourteen only need two bundles.

 so if you're going to get an eight inch and a 12-inch that's all you need a ten inch and a twelve inch 12 and a 14 inch you only really need two bundles.

 if you are going to get anything longer than 14 bundles all the way up to about twenty two bundles twenty or twenty two bundles,you need three bundles so if you're getting 12 14 and 16 or 14 16 18 .

 get the point you need three bundles  and you have to be very careful when you're getting to the 20 inches because sometimes people will think okay well I'll just get 3 inches of you know 22 inches and that I'll be fine.

 it could be fine but the thing is obviously your hair is going to be a scanty the longer it gets so three bundles of 22 inches is not going to be the same as an 18 20 and 22 if that makes sense you're going to get a layered look for one but also you're  going to get a thickness because you're going to get more hair with the 18 and the 20 inch bundle okay if this makes sense.

I'll continue on if not watch the video again but yeah so anywhere from 8  inches to 14 inches you need two bundles.

anywhere from 16 to 20 or 22 foot inches ,you need three bundles and anything past

that you need four bundles.this is all with um Laval or a closure.

 the tricky thing about going longer than 22 inches is the longer the hair

like I said before the more scanty or thinner it becomes so you always want to double up on the longest lengths so let's say I was getting a 20 22 24 and 26 I personally would recommend that you get a 20 22 24 and at 24 so that you double up on the longest length and it's fuller if you wanted 26 inch to be your longest then I would do like a 20 to 24 and to 26 um and this is just to have normal-looking fullness if you want eally full and thick hair then past 22 inches I would recommend five bundles.

I know this could be a little bit pricey, but if you want your hair to be really thick. five or six bundles is what you need with leave oh and a closure.


so those are basically the standard amounts that you're going to need for the leave oh and the closure soand or if you're making awake when you are using a frontal that's a little bit different.

because frontals are from ear to ear and they are depending on which one you buy.

they're normally uh two inches to four nches deep so obviously that covers more space than level and a closure so the rule sort of vary a little bit um if you're getting anywhere from an 8 to a 18 or 16 to bundles will suffice and again this is me telling you for a just a regular looking so in two bundles from eight inch to a 16 or 18 inch should be fine um anything past 16 or 18 I would suggest getting three bundles so from a 16 or an 18 to about a 20 to 24 inch three bundles is good for for your frontal sewing.

so for an example if you're doing a frontal and you want your longest bundle to be 24 inches then you can get a frontal and then 20 22 and 24 and that should suffice now in comparison to a leave it or closure if you were doing that then you probably need four bundles and I would do anything from like 18 20 22 24 or a 20 22 and to 24 I know it's a little bit confusing but frontal you need less amount of bundles because you're covering less space if that makes sense anything past a 24 inch I would definitely use four bundles with your frontal and I've even seen people use three bundles like three bundles of 24 inches with the frontal I've seen that and it looks pretty good so it just depends on the thickness and the amount of hair that you wanted to put in and the look that you're going for but yeah ou generally only need four bundles.

 after I like the 24 inch with the frontal and a lot of times you guys .want to buy long frontals and honestly .it's not necessary a longest frontal that I think I've ever used was a 14-inch frontal and that's because you know when you buy your bundles you buy it in increments of two right so they're layered so why are you going to buy a 20 inch frontal and your bundles are like 18 20 and 22 it just doesn't make sense. you're the front of your hair is usually shorter anyways so if you're getting with a 12 or 14 inch frontal then all blends because you'll have your 14 inch frontal 12 14 inch frontal then your 16 18 and then 20 so yeah another stab that.

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