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What Is the Difference Between Synthetic and Human Hair ?
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What Is the Difference Between Synthetic and Human Hair ?

Which is right for you? Maybe both. Human Hair and Synthetic Hair have advantages and limitations which make them the right choice at different times. Both are great choices for you depending on your budget, time, and needs. Optimally, you will choose to have both on hand as they each have their pluses! Here are the facts so you can know what circumstance is most beneficial for each.

How Long Do Human Hair Wigs Last?

When it comes to investing in the best wig, 100% virgin, human hair wigs offer the most longevity. This is because they aren’t chemically processed, and the cuticles are still intact. As stated before, they can last for more than one year with proper care. Human hair wigs that have been colored or processed are still a great investment, but their lifespan may be shorter than virgin hair.

Natural Look & Feel:

Human hair wigs are just that–human hair. As such, they look and feel amazing.

3) Styling Freedom: One of the best things about human hair is that it can be styled. That means color, curling, straightening, and perms.

Does Chemical Processing and Heat Shorten Wig Lifespan?

Whether you’re investing in a human hair or synthetic wig, chemical processing shortens the life of the wig. While human hair wigs can be styled and colored, those processes can alter the texture and quality of the hair.

Using heated styling tools can dry out the hair, while chemical processing (like dyeing the unit) may weaken the structure and damage the cuticles. This may lead to added tangling, making the wig unmanageable over time.


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