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Goal: To detangle the hair product and return it to its natural state


Necessity: ★★★★★

Combing is crucial to taking good care of your product. Using the correct method of combing, you can keep the product in good state and increase its longevity.

 Frequency: ★★★★★

It is optimal if the product is combed once a day. However, if you are unable to do so, please try to comb your product at least twice a week.


Things you need:

  1. Your Queen Virgin Remy hair product!
  2. A Wide-tooth comb or a paddle brush (optimally one with metal bristles);
  3. A wig conditioner suitable for the type of your hair product (i.e. human or synthetic). Please read the description on bottle carefully to distinguish between the two;
  4. (Optional) A mannequin head to hold your product in place.

* You can easily find the tools in your local beauty supply store.


Step-by-Step Instructions:

a) Hold the product firmly in your hand, or pin it to the mannequin head if you have one to better comb the product;

b) Spray the conditioner evenly throughout the product. The amount of conditioner used depends on how well-maintained the product is;

c) Separate the weave into small strands and start combing from the bottom (tip) up, slowly moving up and smoothing the entangled parts;

d) Repeat step c) until all parts of the product are knot-free and smooth as new!

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